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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Scheme

For every dollar you spend in our stores, both Civic and Phillip, you receive 8% credit (S Dollar) onto your account. Example;
- If you spend $49 on a Thai massage, 3.92 S Dollars is automatically added onto your account
- If you spend $89 on an Oil massage, you will receive 7.12 S Dollars onto your account

*Any decimal point will be accrued to an appropriate rounding amount.
**Any promotional price will be accrued half of the above points.
- Once you have accumulated the minimum 20 S Dollars in your account, you can redeem these dollars towards your service, product and to purchase our gift voucher
- The maximum redeemable balance is limited to 50 S dollars per customer per visit

*S Dollars can be accumulated and redeemed at both Civic and Phillip locations.
**Kindly advise the above limits are pre-set, our staffs have no authority to override the setting.
S Dollars have an expiration date of 9 months, however, they expire progressively

- On 1 st January 2019, if you were to come in for a $49 massage, 3.92 S Dollars is added onto your account and will be expiring on 1 st October 2019, if left unused.
- On 15 th March 2019, if you come in for a $89 massage, the 7.12 S Dollar receiving from this appointment would expire 9 months from that date, which is 15 th December 2019.
Yes, however, the appointment must be invoiced under your name and vice versa. If you are paying separately, please ask our staff to put an invoice under your preferred account and the S Dollars will be automatically added to your account.

*We strongly recommended to follow the above guidance strictly as we cannot backdated the loyalty point.
From 1 st January 2019, we decided to replace an old loyalty scheme (stamp card) with the S Dollar program. We believe that the new system is a fairer since there is no minimum spending cap required to earn the loyalty dollar. Moreover, you are not required to carry a physical card, every S Dollars is securely store digitally and you will not need to worry about backdating and validating your point.

*It is importantly that we have recorded your details accurately, these includes your full name, date of birth and mobile number, if we need to verify your identity.

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