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About us:

Siam Senses is a professional Thai Massage centre with qualified staffs who have extensive massage knowledge and experience both in Thailand and Australia.

After our 10 years of success in Traditional Thai Massage business located in Parramatta and Woolongong, NSW. We have made a decision to establish our Canberra city store in 2009.

We called ourselves, "Siam Senses" which referred to the wording of Siam as the original name of Thailand. The combine wording represent the meaning, "a truth senses of ancient Thailand". We pride ourselves on exemplary customer services and attention to clients' need. The aim is to bring our clients the ultimate experience of famous Thai Massage that has tourist flocking to Thailand right to you in Canberra.


We have 2 branches in the Canberra Region.
1) Canberra City
Address: Shop 5 Jolimont Centre, Corner Northbourne Ave & Rudd St, Canberra Act 2600
Phone: (02)6247 8800, 0451 594 562

2) Woden
Address: Shop 1, Sky Plaza building, 98 Corinna Street, Woden ACT 2606 (next to Woden Southern Cross club).
Phone: 0423 814 889


We provide 2 main streams of services which are;

1) Massage therapy include Thai Massage, Remedial massage, Deep Tissue massage, Aroma massage, Hot Coconut massage, Hot Stone massage, Foot Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

2) Beauty therapy include Facial massage by Jurique products, Organic body scrub, Ear Candle treatment and Anti-cellulite massage.

Health Funds:

The private Health Fund rebate program we accept are as following;
ARHG (Australian Regional Health Group)
• ACA Health Benefits Fund
• Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund
• CUA Health Limited
• Defence Health
• Frank Health Insurance
• GMF Health
• Health Care Insurance Limited,
• Health Partner
• Latrobe Health Service (Federation Health)
• Navy Health Fund
• Onemedifund
• Peoplecare Health Insurance
• Phoenix Health Fund
• Police Health Fund
• Queenland Country Health Ltd
• Railway and Transport Health Fund Ltd
• St. Luke’s Health
• Teachers Union Health
• Transport Health
• Westfund
Australian Unity
Bupa Group
• MBF, HBD and NRMA form part of the BUPA group
Doctor’s Fund
GU Health
Please note: HCF, NIB, AHM (Australian Health Management Group) and Medibank are currently not available yet.
Unfortunately, due to the private health insurance policy, the rebate program is strictly limited to the service of Remedial Massage only.

Types of massage:

An Aroma massage is the most common choice for a first-time visitor, because it provides therapeutic benefits while also being relaxing however there are many types to choose from though our range of services available.
The two most commons are Aroma and Deep Tissue massage; merely every full-body massage incorporates the long flowing strokes, kneading motion of Aroma massage with light to gentle pressure. This promotes relaxation, improves circulation and range of motion.

Deep Tissue addresses deeper layers of muscle delivered through cross fibre fiction, long gliding stroke and deep kneading motion, and is great for relieving muscle tension.

Remedial massage uses a special treatment modality that manipulates the soft tissues of the body including movement for a specific therapeutic effect, rather than a general therapeutic effect.
Generally you might want to consider Deep Tissue massage, particularly after a big workout. Also keep in mind that as we age, joins tend to lighten. By working muscles, connective tissues and tendons, massage therapy will help improve flexibility and range of motion which help create less prone to injury.

Your First Massage:

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the massage is for your benefit. Remember that you can always ask our friendly receptionist if you have questions prior or after the treatment session. Please inform us if you have low/high blood pressure, skin allergies or other medical complication. We would suggest you to avoid the consumption of alcohol or heavy meal prior to the treatment.
Once you have arrive at our location, a front desk staff will greet you and ask you to fill out a clients’ intake form on your first visit or a massage body chart. This is where you record any injuries, health history and other physical conditions we should know about, all of which is strictly keep confidential.

When you are finished, you will be direct to the seating area where your therapist will come to greet you and take you for the foot wash. Next your therapists will guide you to your massage room then they will leave the room while you disrobed to your level of comfort. And once disrobed, you will lie on the massage bed where the magic massage will begin here.

After your massage is completed, take a few moments to relax before you redress, your therapist will wait outside the massage room and guide you back to the lobby to enjoy the complimentary refreshment. If opportunity permit, please spend few minute of your value time to provide us review on our service for future development (Facebook, Trip Advisor and Google Plus).

Please note: that your therapist will always ask you if you prefer soft, medium or firm pressure for your massage and will constantly check throughout the session if this pressure is right for you. However, should you experience pain or discomfort when working a particularly tight area, please inform our therapists so the pressure will be adjust to suit your comfort level.

Hint: a good massage will never hurt!


The massage focus on the tension area of head, neck and shoulders provide on your choice of comfortable recliner chairs or massage bed. The process involve the using of our secret recipe balm and applied ancient Thai Massage technique to relieve the shoulder and neck tension.
We use 100% of high grade mineral oil supplied by the renowned company specialise in massage oil. This organic oil is suitable for all skin types and you do not necessary need to wash off. We recommended you to leave oil to absorb into the skin because oil will form a breathable thin film on skin to prevent moisture loss. However if you feel that you need a rinse off, you can request for shower at no additional cost.
You are welcome to bring in your own massage however the service charge will not be changed.
Unfornately not due to our insurance policy. We apologize for any inconvenience however we welcome the children of minimum 7 years old but they must comply with our house policy.
We welcome walk-in customers however we cannot guarantee that your preferred time slot will be available. We highly recommended you to make the reservation prior to your visit.
We do not have surcharge for Saving and Cheque account however there is $1 surcharge for all Credit account.
Generally, we take 5 minute off your massage time for this process (usually it take 5-10 minute) however you can request to exclude this service to have full massage time. Please feel free to inform our staffs prior to the treatment.
That depends on what you want to accomplish. Some people view a one-hour massage as enough for relaxation and relief of mild stress or tension areas. A two-hour session provides maximum therapeutic relief of chronic pain, stress or tension through a full-body massage using various modalities. And in between those, an hour and a half session allows time for relief of tight muscles or persistent pain, plus dedicated relief of specific areas of discomfort.

An Aroma or Deep Tissue massage can fill any of those lengths, but for something more specialized like a Prenatal, Remedial massage or beauty therapy, it might be better to allow 90 or 120 minutes.
Generally think of once a month as your baseline. Times of extra physical or mental stress may call for more frequent sessions. Finding time can seem difficult when life is extremely busy but it is an investment that will pay off by helping you maintain your pre-stress levels of health and wellness. If you want the maximum benefit, twice a month is really optimal.
This depends on what your own specific condition, pain levels and skin health condition. The one thing you will notice is heightened state of relaxation (which is great for stress relief) directly following your session and a special glow to your skin right after your treatment.


For a Traditional Thai or Head, Neck and Shoulder massage appointment, we will provide you a loose fitted top and pant for your comfort.

For a Foot Reflexology appointment, we recommended you wear loose fitted pants that can be easily rolled up to enhance your comfort.

For an Oil massages appointment, we provide you with a robe because this is a fully unclothed type of massage, you would only need to leave your underwear on (no bras).

Please note: A disposable underwear can be purchased from the front counter at $2 each if you don’t prefer to wear your own.
Yes, under the Health regulation and Private Health Insurance policy, we require to have the detail of your full name, DOB, allergic record, pre-existing injuries or medical conditions, KIN contact, injury record prior to provide you the treatment. For privacy, we will store your personal record confidential and we will not share this information to anyone without your consent.

Couple’s Room:

Yes, we can request the couple room but we cannot guarantee its availability as it is subject on the first come first serve basis. We highly recommended you to make a request in advance to avoid disappointment.


We accept reservation through phone, website and email. For email booking, the reservation is not final until you receive a confirmation email from
To avoid disappointment, we highly recommended you to make the reservation at least 3 days in advance. For same day reservation, please call our branches.


In respect to other clients as your treatment requires the facilities to be reserved. We require a minimum 24 hour notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. Please call our friendly front desk staff, who will assist you for the reschedule. No-shows or appointment cancelled within 24 hours will incur a 50 percent cancellation fee.
Group booking of minimum 3 persons must be prepaid and we require 48 hour notice of cancellation else full payment will be forfeited.


Please choose carefully as we do not issue refunds. By making your booking or purchasing gift voucher you agree to our terms and conditions.


In respect to the privacy of other clients, please kindly switch off your mobile phone and please remain quite while a massage is being performed or entering the massage area.
To ultimate your massage experience, please arrive 15 minutes prior your appointment time.
In the event that you are running late for 15 minute or more and you did not inform us, so as not to inconvenience the next client. We reserve the right to finish your massage on original time and you will be charged the scheduled fee as per the original booking.

Possible After-Effects:

Generally, there is no research that shows massage brings dormant problems to the concerned.
Feeling pleasantly tired and relaxed is very common after a massage. You might feel some tremors in muscles that haven’t felt stimulated in a while, because massage wakes them up with freshly oxygenated blood.

However, it is not normal to feel pain after a massage. There may be some mild discomfort when your therapist works on a particularly tight area, but that shouldn’t linger. Make sure to tell the therapist if you feel any pain at any time.

If you have ever experienced pain during a massage before visiting Siam Senses, please mention that to your therapist before your session begins. This will alert your therapist to be especially attentive to the sensitive area.
A healthy body is efficient when dealing with its metabolic wastes. The wastes or toxins get reused and repurposed, store away safely, or eliminated through natural body functions. However, a massage alone does not release toxins.


Unfortunately, due to the private health insurance policy, the rebate program is restricted to the service of Remedial Massage only.
Unfortunately, you will earn point on your normal purchase only.
Unfortunately, each promotion has been designed to benefit you for specific services and it cannot be combined.

Loyalty Card:

Generally, every time you have visited us for massage services of 1 hour minimum, you will earn 1 point. Once you have accumulated 5 points on your card, you can then redeem for free 30 minute massage. Alternately, you can save your points until you accumulate 10 points and you can redeem for 50% discount toward your massage service.

Please note: you can choose to either make a redemption for free massage or 50% discount. Siam Senses reserve the right to forfeit the loyalty card on your redemption.
The loyalty card is FREE of charge and can be request anytime from our friendly front desk staffs.
Our loyalty card have an expiration date of 12 months after the first issue date.
Unfortunately, you will be issue with the new loyalty card and your accumulation on the previous card deem to be invalid. However, on occasion that you are going away, you can request for a special extension on the life of your loyalty point. Please feel free to call our friendly front desk for details.
Unfortunately, loyalty card must be presented at the time of purchase if you wish to preserve your benefit.
Please note: loyalty points are not accrued when clients are redeeming gift vouchers and loyalty card or when appointments are discounted during promotion periods.

Gift Vouchers:

For more information about purchasing a Gift Voucher online please click here
Yes, you can and this will incur $5 dollars additional cost.
Yes, they can be used like cash however this will not attract loyalty point.
Yes, you can use your gift voucher as long as you have a proof of purchase however photo identification is required.
We can process the sale of gift voucher either by phone or online purchase. Once the transaction is processed, we can send the copy directly to either you or the recipient’s postal address or we can send you a scanned copy via email to be forwarded to the recipient.

Please note: we only accept MasterCard or Visa payment for phone purchase, for online purchase we accept PayPal payment only.
No, you can split the value into two appointments or more if you wish. Alternately we can put the remaining value as a credit in your account toward your next visit.
Unfortunately not by purchasing the gift vouchers, you are agree to the gift voucher terms and conditions. Please choose carefully as no refund will be given for all reason.


For Canberra City, there is pay parking available surrounding our shop. The closest parking is available at Childer Street court for $2 per hour.
For Woden, there is visitor free parking, at the rear of our shop with 1-2 hours limits.