Winter is here

Tips to refrain from “Seasonal Affective Order”

“I feel like my days are getting shorter. It truly shorter than ever. I missed the sunlight and the cold weather just made me feel really, really tired.”

Having Trouble with sleep, Mood changed, Gain weights, Feeling down and hopeless, or Losing interest in what you used to love. These are signs of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a form of depression that shows at the same time every year, mostly in winter. It is caused by the reduced warmth and sunlight, also the color and atmosphere of winter. And it affects your life, work, even relationships. Some say this kind of depression turn someone into the different person they don’t know.

SAD usually begins in fall or winter and remains until spring or summer. But do we SAD people actually have to stay uncontrollable and be patient until sunlight on the brighter day comes, We don’t think so. Here are some self-help tips in order to get better from SAD:

1. Find your way to the light

Sunlight is so important for SAD people, especially the morning light. the longer you stay in light the brighter your feeling is. Do it as much as possible by trying to sit near windows in your house, taking a walk outside, or go to some warm café and grab your fav drinks. Increase the opportunity to feel the natural lights.

2. There’s always a light... treatment

If you find that it’s hard to find the natural light, Go to the light therapy. Actually, it’s another effective option for SAD people. There is a tool called ‘A light box’ which can replace your missing daylight, at the treatment, help you to feel more awake and lift up your feelings.

3. Eat right

One of the SAD sign is gain weights which cause from reaching starchy and sugary food all the time. Instead of having some carbohydrates such as pasta, white bread, try whole grain bread, brown rice which can develop your happy chemicals. Also omega-3 factors like fish oil, soy, etc.

4. Seize a good time with your friend and fam

Seize the day! Get over something that makes you feel tense such as too much work or stressful relationship. We know that you may lose passion for activities you used to enjoy, but just try to push yourself to do it and you might be surprised. Have fun is a great stress beater. And in case it still doesn’t work, reach out for people to enjoy with, or at least talk to. A close relationship will help you to manage you SAD.

5. Own your body and mind

Exercise is always can help. Find some unboring and endless workouts such as running, swimming, dancing, or even walking a dog which can be good for your health and your interactive with people. Not just body, Mind too. The doctor says medication is also great in reducing symptoms. And if you can’t concentrate you may find something else that relieve stress, such as hot stone massage.

Hot Stone Massage therapy will help to reduce stress and restore your balance. Balmic stones are warm in no suitable saline water and test for suitable temperature before placing on your meridian. It will then applied deep gliding massage strokes to rejuvenate your mind and body which helps expand your muscle tightness, improve blood circulation, ease the tiring body ache, and relieve tension. It’s also perfect to do in the cold blue season like winter.

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Keep warm and let your body and mind enjoy with our special treatment.

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