That’s why ‘Nuad-Phaen-Thai’ is what you need

- Knowing Traditional Thai Massage and its benefits -

In the west, Swedish massage is the most common and best-known type of massage. It is the origin of other massage types like sports massage, deep tissue, and aromatherapy. it’s also good for beginners who come to the spa and take massage course for the first time. But when it comes to the east, No one may not deny that the most well-known massage is traditional Thai massage.

Some might know Thai massage as “Nuad-Phaen-Thai” Or “Nuad-Bo-Rarn” which means ancient massage (2,500 years back at the age of Buddha). Unlike the west style, traditional Thai massage often performed on the floor using a mat and the patients don’t have to be naked. Moreover, Thai massage is not just performed only physically but also about mental exercise.

There’re many health benefits of Thai massage that will bring you the brand new experiences, like:

1. Increase Relaxations

Not just do the body like other massages, Thai massage will give your mind relaxing too. Because of soothing and calm atmospheres in the room, with soft music that let your body and mind to slow down and relaxed by the techniques like stretching tissue, acupressure, compression and manipulation tissue. Moreover, It helps you to get a lot of power for concentration.

2. Decrease Anxiety

The anxiety you got from the hard working day can be decreased by ‘Nuad-Phaen-Thai’. You can lower the cortisol (stress hormone) level in your body by just performing Thai massage which can combine with others massage techniques like yoga.

3. Balance & Boost Energy

Traditional Thai massage is working along the energy meridians of your body. It’s starting by allowing for more healthy flow of energy by preparing these meridians until the energy is sufficiently unleashed, and then start progressing of the massage. A deep massage can improve blood circulation and boost energy.

4. Treat your pain & Prevent Illness

Traditional Thai Massage combines multiples techniques to release tension in your body and ease alleviate pain, especially in your back. It will fix dysfunction symptoms of pain in the most effective manner. And also help you to prevent illness by increasing the blood flow and improve the production of many hormones.

5. Deal the cholesterol and heart disease

Well-know effect of traditional Thai massage improves blood circulation so it affects body pressure, oxygen transfer which protects the heart cells from any harm from the growth of cholesterol in the arteries too. Also, Thai massage can increase the level of good cholesterol in the body so it’s blocking diabetes and reduces the risk of heart disease too.

There are more benefits of traditional Thai massage than 5 topics above like it can slow the aging process, improve Immune System, maintain the weight and body balance, help you with creative skills and much more to surprise you!

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