4 Reasons

Why you should get treatment by certified therapist

Let's see 4 possible things that might happen if you go to non-certified spa places

“It is supposed to hurt, honey. If It doesn’t hurt, It doesn’t work”

Do you familiar with this kind of sentence when you go to spa house? Well if you do, Notice that you went to bad quality place or at least you got massaged from the person who doesn’t really understand massaging which can cause a lot of trouble to your body afterward. Actually, there's a lot of things that can possibly happen in spa places that look fine but actually are not good or non-certified. You may face these:

- Inexperienced People

Your massage therapist is the one you need to trust when the treatment begins. But what if they can not be trusted, what if your massage therapists are not that professional or at least not getting any certificate of massage. They may know some of the massage skills but they may not truly know if you’re comfortable or not. Or are they doing under the right pressure? and they just don’t ask you. which can lead to…

- “It’s hurt but I can’t say anything”

Remember that “No pain, No gain” phrase is definitely not working with the massage therapy. Hurt maybe an idea of the massage therapists in the past but clearly, it is not for now. Good massage therapists will know how to deliver the pressure that customers want in the way that will still help. Bad massage therapists won’t care whether it’s hurt or make customers scream. They just do their jobs until it’s done.

- Ingredient

The spa Ingredients and materials are something that can indicate that spa house is good or not. The Place that got certified will use standard and effective ingredients and materials which especially chosen for different courses of treatments. Non-certified one won’t.

- You’re gonna get a message hangover

Because the hurt things and too deep massage, you will get something like flu or “toxins” that have been flushed out or experiencing “healing crisis” in a day or two after.

Surely you might face one or all of these things if you keep continue go to non-certified spa places. And in a long-term, it will definitely get worse and affect your health.

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